Tuesday, November 30, 2010

$ An Introduction $

Heya Guys!!!!  I'm senthuran..I'm an engineering student...I'm a newbie here and I thought of introducing myself here..I'm a using the computer for a couple of years now..So i thought of connecting with other people around personally.So i'm here with a blog... I'm just a normal guy..I'm a bit short tempered..I hate back biters and people who tease me beyond the limit...I love to help others...I like a lot of friends to hang around with...Music is my favourite past time..Drums are my passion..I'm learning the drums for more than a year now ...Reading books is also something i like to do..My favourite theme is science and technology..And anything that has some science gets me glued to it !!  Exploring the scientific fields like space and aviation are hell of an interest to me...The next most interesting thing to me is Aeromodelling,!!!Aeromodelling is my passion...I had an interest in planes from the age of five..(very early indeed?)...I've built and flown the cessna radio controlled model  other than the basic ones..I'm good in writing also..I like to write about general topics with a good english grammar...Let me stop here guys..coz i think this is Hell of an introduction....wish to get connected with you all soon...Take  care people....Cya all in the next post,........Tatameme!!!

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